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Where can i buy Finsulate?

You can only buy Finsulate from your local service partner. It is not a do it yourself product.

Up to what speed can the Finsulate fiber films be used?

Our Speedgrade fibre foil which is attached to the underwater hull can be used up to 35 knots. Also successful tests up to over 50 knots were made. However, we do not give any guarantee for this.


A boat foil on the hull with the Seagrade fibre film is recommended for displacement ships and standing elements where the speed is of minor importance.

Is there long-term experience with Finsualte, and if so, what kind of experience? 

Using the example of a boat filming on the underwater hull of a cargo ship which was equipped with 15000 sqm of film and had been on the move non-stop for 5 years, the durability of the film can best be determined 


In Jan. 2020 the ship was inspected in drydock. The 5 year test was successful. The results were documented. Small repairs were made and the ship will now continue to operate with the same antifouling fibre film on the hull for another 5 years.

Where is Finsulate made?

The fiber film is produced in Germany

How must the underwater hull be prepared before foiling the boat?

Remove old antifouling layers down to the last primer or osmosis protection layer. 

Afterwards paint at least 1x with Hempel Light 2 K Primer or similar (2K is important!). The final number of 2K - primer layers to be applied is at the discretion of the respective partner.

Can the fiber film be applied to all

Yes, it can be applied to all surfaces on the hull, it does not have to be 100% smooth, but the smoother the better the adhesion.


Excluded from an underwater hull are boat foils: Water-absorbent wooden boats, because the fibre foil is waterproof! 

How do I clean the film, should vegetation or similar grow?

Either with a Scotchpad, a brush or the pressure washer.

How long has Finsulate been on the market?

For water sports for about 5 years, in other areas over 10 years.

What temperatures must be maintained during processing?

The temperature must not fall below 10 degrees. 

The fibre foil can be optimally processed at approx. 25 degrees. 

What is the shelf life of Finsulate?  

Minimum 5 years if processed by a certified specialist dealer.

How can Finsulate be removed?

The area you wish to remove must first be heated to over 45 degrees with a hot air dryer, after which the fibrous film can be removed by pulling.

At the moment only the colour black is offered due to the demand. 

In which colors is Finsulate available?
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